Frequently Answered Questions

Who actually produces the finished pieces presenting your imagery?

As a photo artist, it is important to me that my inspirations come to my patrons "of my hand". I control all steps in the genesis of my images in my studio and adjunct facilities where I work. Perhaps I should have said:

How do you determine the scope of your Limited Editions?

Currently, all of my Limited Editions range in scope to 250 images. That number includes any and all print sizes, styles of framing, mounting or presentation. Two hundred fifty means ONLY 250.

What is a "3DMount"™?

I designed the 3DMount™ to transcend boundaries I encountered working with traditional photographic presentations. My objective was to share as much of my original visual experience as possible with my viewers.

My first goal was to eliminate reflections seen when glass or plexiglass is used. Reflections containing differing levels of direct and ambient light as well as angular reflections of the contents of the room significantly obscure the "content" and color spectrum of the imagery.

My second goal was to move 2D photographic images back toward the three dimensional qualities the eye sees in the same space. My 3DMount™ presentation builds upon a physically layered approach culminating with the top layer (the image) cold pressure mounted with a UV protecting matte finish laminate.

My glassless imagery becomes visually isolated from the background. It appears to move toward the viewer at the moment they peer into the image. Our eyes and brain do the rest providing a virtual space in which to enjoy the imagery. It allows my viewer an individual experience within the "Exploding Eye".

My creative exploration has led to unique works of art. My patrons find them visually intriguing with the ability to adapt to any living or office space.
All 3DMounts™ are ready to hang.

Preparing a 3DMount™ in studio
Content/Image © Peter Cohen

Do you accept private and public commisions?

Yes. I find it challenging to collaborate with others to find a crossroads at which my artistic vision meets their imagination and is realized in a defined space and time.

Why don't you print on canvas?

Canvas has become a substrate of choice for thousands of other photographers with "gallery wraps" proliferating worldwide. My choice of printing substrates is an artistic and creative decision I make as a photo artist. Consequently, I don't exclude the use of canvas. If an image would benefit from the texture or weight of a particular photographic canvas, I would consider it.

Can I order Peter Cohen's Fine Art Photography On-line?

No. All ordering is coordinated directly between us. Requests for purchases can be initiated by phone to the Studio line at 732-757-6567.

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