MaryAwards shows provide many creative types the opportunity to meander through a list of folks to thank for their good fortune. In my case, I will cut to the chase.

35 years ago, under a warming sun and accompanied by the sounds of the surf, I was presented with a script for the rest of my life. When I opened it there were thousands of pages with one notation....and then Mary says.

Since that day, we have journeyed together through life filling those pages with our story. It encompasses all genres from romance to reality show. The persistant theme throughout has been unyielding mutual support.

So, as I survey the audience today, I'd like to thank my assistant occasional director best supporting actress...Mary....and the love of my life...Mary.


Friendship is always the binder in the fabric of life. It transcends time and place. Sal has been a friend and mentor to me in aspects of the digital realm for nearly two decades now. He was gracious enough to endure my demanding vision for the original Exploding Eye website and built it gratis to support my goals. His efforts then have become the bedrock upon which I have built the new v2.

Multimedia Dimensions Sal and Lori will always be family.Check out Sal's current body of work at:


RoadRashSerendipity is defined by Merriam-Webster as "the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for." My experience also sees it as a convenient convergence of people on individual journeys meeting unannounced at random crossroads.

In this instance, I was wandering the ether in search of a solution for visual presentation that was equal to the photography I create. I was fortunate to wander cross continent to Norway and discover RoadRash waiting and willing to be a guide to the visual magic expressed on!

"Når du kikker fram fra din kappe av anonymitet – vit at du er verdsatt."

Marty Connelly

Marty ConnellyAnd then there are those paths which, once crossed, become the road well-traveled. Marty was a friend and kindred spirit who's kindness was a boon to many whose paths crossed his life. We shared the love of photography and its' ability to put us in touch with the world around us. He was an avid nature photographer and a master printer who will be missed by all of us. The eduring aspect of photography is the ability to chronicle the life, times, and field of view of the photographer.

Shore Photographic ArtAlthough his website was shuttered, I still at times filter the world through Marty's eyes.
The echo resonates.....