Peter Cohen.....Photo Artist

As a life long resident of the Jersey shore, I have been fortunate to be centered at a confluence of urban, suburban, farm, forest, river and ocean environments. The impact upon my field of view is unmistakable.

Peter Cohen
"Traversing the Crater", Mt. Haleakala, Maui, HI

I have been capturing images for over 35 years. From the wonder years in a high school photo lab to the mastery of today’s digital darkroom, I am self-taught. I am motivated by and embrace the evolutionary and revolutionary changes wrought by time and shaped by technology in the art and craft of photography.

All of the photo art I create begins as an inspiration traveling through the Exploding Eye. The Exploding Eye exists in the infinite space between my camera and my imagination. It harnesses the flow of light and dark and focuses a river of color through a prism of possibility.

Each of my images is like a child I have freed from the clutches of darkness and spirited into the light. That quest leads me to wander from the rolling sand dunes of the Atlantic coast to the raw beauty of Kilauea, Hawaii’s most active volcano. Whether I am earth bound or floating high above it, my inspirations are fueled by one factor....I open my eyes.

I am an inspired working artist who has exhibited my work in the Top Juried Fine Art Shows throughout the United States. There, I have had the good fortune to meet many of you already.

I look forward to hearing from all of you. My images evoke many thoughts and feelings, each of them unique to the individual viewer. Email or write to me and share what my work means to you. It is one of many cross roads within our journeys.

Cheers!......Peter Cohen


National Association of Independent Artists

Center for Fine Art Photography

Monmouth County Arts Council

Guild of Creative Art
EyeSights Juried Photography Exhibition

Belmar Arts Council

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